The words and the light.

This book is an extremely elegant edition, which it really is a unique combination of photography and poetry, of a poetry book and a photo album, i.e. it is – like its title also states – a unique combination of words and light. It includes a large number of photographs of almost all of them wetlands of Greece: from Kalamas, Axios, Gallikos, Aliakmona, from Kerkini, Nestos and Evros, to Strofilia, Nea Kios and Gialova, and from Ambrakikos and Messolongi, to the Beauty of Lesbos. These photos by Dimitris Lambrellis, combined with poems by the same poet: selected poems, inside from his overall poetic production, based on their subject matter: everything they refer to birds – symbols of feelings and experiences, in birds – symbols of narratives of memory and dreams.

(Athens: Hydroplano Publications, 2022), 180 pages.