The Development of the Greek Conscience as “Nietzscheism”. The Journals Techni and Dionysos

According to the journals «Techni» and «Dioynsos», Nietzsche is the last glorious expression of Hellenism, the civilization of the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks who lived at the time when these journals were published had to become aware of Hellenism as Nietzscheism and formulate a Greek national conscience the foundations of which would lie in the philosophy of Nietzsche.The above-mentioned ideological dogma of these two journals was formulated for the following reasons: since Greece was at that time in a state of decline, having been defeated by the Ottoman Empire in 1897, and since Nietzsche’s philosophy was – according to its interpretation by these journals – the philosophical expression of Bismarck’s policy which led Germany to prosperity and victory in war, Greeks had but to get acquainted with and adopt Nietzsche’s philosophy doctrines in order to overcome degeneration and decay and set out again along the path to victory. In order to achieve this goal, the two journals, in many ways, tried to make Nietzsche’s thought known to their readers and to make them adopt it.This study, furthermore, thoroughly presents all the above mentioned attempt of these two journals and finally, examining the interpretation of Nietzsche’s philosophy given by these two journals comes to the conclusion that it forms a misinterpretation.

Nea Poreia Editions, Thessaloniki 1993