Tension, Subject, Society. Philosophical Remarks on Foucault’s “Stultifera Navis”

«Stultifera Navis», Foucault’s privileged primary, first, extensive reference to madness, to the history of madness, is it merely but a theme about madness? Or is it at the same time, a privileged narration and a primary reference to the history of tension?

This question constitutes the fundamental starting point of this study, i.e. the completely different beginning of the genealogical approach as far as it concerns tension, onto the study of which a study is dedicated for the first time. In the context of this study, in a totally new perspective, this of tension and their relation to it, there is an attempt to be discussed firstly, image, literature and also an exemplary series of social practices (: the estrangement, the confinement, the philosophical, religious and moral annihilation of the subject of tension).

      In addition, there is an attempt to examine a variety of themes that concern the relation of tension to the subject; in these themes that consist the questions of tension and underline furthermore its importance, may be enlisted: the dialectic of imagination and tension, the attraction and fear as the charm of the subject of the presence of tension, the un-reconciled tension qua the limitless desire and its negation, this non tension – man, the arbitrariness of the absence of tension as well as the relation of tension to the existence, the time and the discourse on sex.

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