This text neither opines on the causes of the losing of philosophizing (philosophein) nor does it opine on the conditions conducive to its revealing. This text does not rule on all the above, as it does not want to dogmatize and it does not want to dogmatize, because it is permeated by the suspicion that dogmatizing obscures the horizon of questioning (aporein), and consequently of philosophizing.

This is the reason why, then, the current text is outlined in the form of seven reflexive questions on philosophizing, i.e. seven meta-questions, which are focused on the in-between of the revealing and the loss of philosophizing; therefore, the evolution of this text constitutes an atopia, an atopia though undoubtedly declarative –due to its content thereof– οf both the undisturbed will which defends the revealing of philosophizing and of that obsessive passion which strives for not losing this philosophizing itself.

The seven meta-questions of this text, refer to the following topics: whether it is necessary for philosophizing to have as its subject matter its own biopolitical space; whether the project of philosophizing should be its adjustment to the established reality or –to the contrary– its transgression; whether the fundamental condition of the existence of philosophizing is the autonomy of its imaginary from the established thinking; whether philosophizing should be a keystone of subversion or a tool for the pursuit of benefits; whether the hegemony of representation limits the heuristic of philosophizing and its abandonment further extends it; whether the non-continuous self-examination and non-periodic self-negation of philosophizing lead to totalitarianism.


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