I.M. Panagiotopoulos School Editions, Athens 2002.

The term «Eco-photography» is used as the title of this album in order to name the kind of photography, which its photographs belong into. It is about photographs of birds from many Greek wetlands. These photos address to the senses, primarily to the eyesight, bringing along with them two invitations for this last one. By the first one, they invite it for a short time period, to abandon the daily experience of the city that, when it does not make it indifferent to everything, it tires it out or, even more often, it fills it with anger or disgust by its scenes. By the second, they invite it to discover, or to remember, that there still exists, at least for the time being, that side of nature and environment that has not yet been polluted or  vanished by disaster; and it is this other side of Greek nature and environment that the     photographs of this album invite the eyesight of their viewer to love.