Eco-Diary 2013

This diary is a diary with photographs from Kerkini.
This time, a new subject is included in its photographs apart from birds: Butterflies. Each one of its pictures corresponds to a month of the year
And at the same time
Each one of its pictures is an attractive invitation of escaping from the life of routine in the city.
Each one of its pictures is a re-minder of the beauty that certainly still exists out there, far away, in order for us to see it, but that hereby, has totally disappeared
from our usual sight.
This diary is a diary with photographs from Kerkini.
Still, it is not called Eco-Diary because – as some would misleadingly assure us – its subject is snapshots of ‘ecological’ interest (the birds and the butterflies, the lake and its landscape). It is called Eco-Diary (Oiko-imerologio) because by this name we would like to declare – to claim, that in reality, it is a photo-diary of our own house (oikos in ancient greek), that it of our life’s own autonomy where they so brutally eradicated us from, so ingeniously alienated us from, in so many special techniques they formed us so that, today, we think of this oikos as of something weird and strange to us, something almost exotic, scientifically interesting and touristically beautiful, something economically/commercially exploitable when this is the foundation for the most important and valuable thing there exists for us: it is the foundation for our life, our own life.