Curriculum vitae

Dimitris Lamprellis was born in Athens. His origins are from Asia Minor and Lesvos.

He studied philosophy with scholarship at the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki and Pittsburgh University. 

He is a Professor of Philosophy at Panteion University. He is also the Founder and Director of Research Center of Biopolitics at the same University. He has published many philosophical studies and articles in Greece and abroad and he has participated in philosophical Conferences.

His interest is mainly focused on the area of philosophical anthropology, social philosophy and aesthetics. He has published eighteen philosophical books. He is the Founder and Editor of the Annual Journal of Philosophical Research dia-LOGOS and the Founder and Director of the dia-LOGOS/PHILOSOPHICAL LIBRARY Series of Papazisis Editions(Dia-LOGOS epetirida philosophikis erevnas)

Dimitris Lamprellis is a poet. Several poems and collective works concerning the study and the critics of literature have been published in a series of literature magazines, in newspapers and anthologies. 

He is a member of the Society of Greek Authors, of the Society of Authors of Thessaloniki and he served as Vice President of the Committee of National Literature Awards. He has already published nine poetic collections and a study on the Greek poet M. Sachtouris.

He has also seriously dealt with photography for many years but the last fifteen years he has focused exclusively on the photography of Nature. He is a member of the Greek Photographical Society, he has participated into group exhibitions of photography and has been awarded with two prizes. He has made two personal photographical exhibitions in Athens and Thessaloniki and he has already published two photographic albums and two diaries.


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