Christmas in Miltos Sachtourisí Poetry. The Reflective Dialectic and its Bleeding Segments

Prologue Yiannis Dallas

Ikaros Editions, Athens 2008


In this study prefaced by Yiannis Dallas, the author deals with the theme of Christmas in Miltos Sachtourisí poetry. Firstly, the study figures out that Christmas and all that is related to it, in Miltos Sachtourisí poetry do not appear as the common religious, social and personal celebration of joy but are transformed into a celebration of death when the historical circumstance is a circumstance of dreadfulness and death for man and the society which he lives in. Based on this apprehension, the author follows subsequently the specific causes of this transformation of Christmas in Miltos Sachtourisí poetry, its extend and its tension as well as its depth. Finally, he examines Sachtourisí suggestion for overcoming this domination of horror, despair and death which takes place in an historical, social and religious level: this overcoming of horror and death lies, according to Miltos Sachtourisí poetry, in the redeeming intervention of art, of poetry and of the creator-poet himself. 







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